Dr. Ali Moradi

Founder and Director,

IntelMine Laboratory,

Laval University,

Québec, QC, Canada

G1V 0A6

Email: ali.moradi@gmn.ulaval.ca

Phone: (+1) 418 656 2131 Ext: 400060

Dr. Moradi is an Assistant Professor at the Mining, Metallurgical, and Material Engineering Department, Laval University, Canada. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Mining Engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada, and M.Sc. and B.Sc. degrees in Mining Engineering from Amirkabir University, Iran. Prior to his current role, he held positions in the mining industry and academia.

He held lecturer, postdoctoral fellow, and lead of research positions at the University of Alberta, teaching mine planning and design and leading a group of researchers in strategic and operational mine planning, near face stockpiling, in-pit crushing and conveying, and simulation of mining systems. He also held a mining engineer position with CNRL, contributing to the operation of one of the largest multi-pit mines in the world, with a daily production of above one million tonnes.

Dr. Moradi has published and presented several peer-reviewed journal and conference papers. He also authored chapters for the latest mining engineering books, including Advanced Analytics in Mining Engineering (Springer) and SME Mining Engineering Handbook (SME).

Dr. Moradi's primary expertise is implementing cutting-edge techniques to develop digital twins, automated decision-making tools, and integrated short- and long-term mine production schedulers for surface mines. He also works on integrating in-pit crushing and conveying systems to active or projected surface mines.