About Us


As a research laboratory at Laval University, Canada, IntelMine's mission is to develop state-of-the-art technologies to facilitate the digital transformation of surface mines towards sustainable, intelligent production systems in theory and practice.


Dr. Moradi, as the director, established the IntelMine Laboratory in September 2021 with the mindset of training a new generation of highly qualified mining engineers capable of taking roles in the digital transformation of the mining industry in Quebec, Canada, and worldwide.


IntelMine Lab is in the course of establishing scientific and industrial collaboration with the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec, and local and international mining companies through NSERC, CFI, and FRQNT programs.


At IntelMine, we have all resources for providing a wide range of services to mining companies. As a basic service, we can complete and hand in chapters 15 and 16 of the NI 43-101 report for open-pit mines. In addition to that, we have skillsets to implement exploratory analysis techniques to diagnose sources of low productivity of surface mining operations. Besides, we have the power to develop custom-specific mathematical programming algorithms to help in making informed decisions in surface mining operations. As one of our main areas of expertise, we can develop different digital twins for surface mining operations to help the engineering teams test new technologies and different what-if scenarios. We can also develop machine learning models to be used in making Long- and Short-term decisions in open-pit mines.


No matter who you are, we are all here to learn. We are aware of diversity in perspectives, talents, race, sex, etc., and we believe that every person is a unique world who can make differences in our society. Thus, as a research and training unit, our core value is to inclusively attract passionate to learn people from all perspectives, genders, races, sexes, etc., to write their own stories in the mining world while learning skills required for the mining of the future.