Digital Transformation of Surface Mines

At IntelMine, we work on developing smart technologies to improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of mining operations. From long-term production scheduling to dynamic truck dispatching in surface mines, we develop state-of-the-art algorithms to make an optimal schedule for production and equipment.

We also develop digital twins of several levels and resolutions for surface mines, which can be used as evaluator tools for deploying a new technology or executing a decision in the operation.

Another domain of our research focuses on introducing the lean manufacturing concept into mining operations.

Apart from the university courses, a wide range of customized training courses is available upon request. Following is a list of courses that can be offered by IntelMine experts.

  1. Strategic Surface Mine Planning

  2. Simulation of Mining Systems

  3. Operations Research in Mining

  4. Applied Machine Learning in Mining

  5. Lean Production

We provid services including PFS and FS, long-term production plans, short-term production scheduling, Monte Carlo simulation models for long-term decision evaluations, discrete event simulation of mining operations, AI and ML based decision making, etc. to mining companies.